Bose QC25 – The Best Bose Headphone Yet?

People all over like to carry Beats by Dr. Dre headphones but before the rapper had his own line of noise-cancelling sets, Bose did it first and the Bose QC25 is their comeback. Is it the best noise-cancelling headphone in the market today?


The Quiet Comfort 25 boasts a more comfortable straight arc which still sports very comfortable padding for people who use these without a hat on. The hinges collapse, making the set compact and easy to travel with. Another great thing about the design is that the over-ear cups have been refitted so that the seal completely locks the sound in, a feature critical in high-quality noise cancelling.

Sound Quality and Noise Cancelling

The noise cancelling capabilities of the QC25 aren’t technically different than the already phenomenal QC15. The main difference that sets he QC25 high above the previous models is its effective seal and additional microphone placements which allow it to better detect and cancel outside sounds.

As for its sound quality, it isn’t going to deliver studio recording quality but it does a fine job nonetheless. The bass is a lot louder and more prominent than usual and its treble is a little aggressive to the ear, creating a little bit of imbalance when songs are played at high volumes but for the average user this won’t really make much of a difference.


Little Extras

The battery life for the QC25 lasts for about 35 hours. A signal light flashes when only 7 hours are left. The best upgrade, however, is that the headphones still function even when the batteries die. You’ll just lose the noise-cancelling features until you replenish the batteries.


Is the Bose QC25 the best headphone out there? There’s an argument to be made that it is the best noise cancelling unit in the market but its sound quality still leaves room for some improvement. Over all, it is still one of the best options out there, maybe even amongst the top 3 choices.

Hiring a Quality Locksmith and Security Consultant to Keep Your Audio Store Safe

You invested a lot of money in your audio equipment, but that doesn’t mean you should cut back on the expenses for security. On the contrary, you should get the best security possible to keep your audio store safe, and the best way to do that is to hire a locksmith or a security consultant. No matter where you live in Toronto, you should always make sure that you’re prepared for any eventuality, and that means hiring a locksmith to oversee security measures.

What Locksmiths Provide

First of all locksmiths can equip your store with high security locks that are durable, dependable, and provide the highest level of security possible without compromise to ease of use and aesthetics. Second, locksmiths can furnish you with safes for your valuable audio equipment, and you can use a safe to store other valuable documents you keep in the store.

Locksmiths have always been known for fixing damaged doors and locks, and that hasn’t changed today. If one of the doors in your store gets damaged or you just want to replace it with a new one, then you can call a Toronto locksmith and he’ll be able to fix it no time. In addition, locksmiths can install fire and smoke alarms as well to further secure the facility.

audio store locksmith

Other Services Available

A locksmith can install a complete security system for your audio store, but in the event there’s a break-in or burglary, you can call one over and ask them to repair the locks or replace it with something better. It’s also worth noting that locksmiths in Toronto also furnish clients with a complete access control system so you have complete control over the security in your store.

But the great thing about locksmiths in Toronto is they can also provide you with security that will deter and discourage break-ins and burglaries from being attempted in the first place. For instance, if you hire a locksmith or a security consultant, they’ll tell you it’s best to install a CCTV, as it keeps an eye on your store even if you’re not there.

If a break-in does happen, the CCTV will record everything, and you can have the CCTV placed in strategic locations around your store. Once the equipment is in place, you just need to make sure the device is on and it will serve as additional protection for your store. If your store has a CCTV and a built in alarm system, you have every reason to feel confident about the security of your equipment.

The bottom line is that a locksmith can go a long way towards securing your store, so there’s no reason not to hire one. While there’s no shortage of locksmiths in Toronto, you need to do some research first and make sure you get the right one.  Our preferred locksmith is 24 Hour Locksmiths who can be found in downtown Toronto.  The majority of these companies have websites you can check, so that’s a plus. Before you agree to hire any locksmith, assess what services are available and how much it costs.